Are you ready to witness the future of Fitness on the Rocks? Well you are in luck because it is finally here! After listening to all of your feedback the past three years, we have created what will be the biggest year yet! The goal this year is to create not only some kickass workouts in one of the best ampitheatre's in the country, but to acknowledge health and wellness as a whole. If you go through the whole park and visit all of our vendors, you can take in over two miles all while getting free samples and goodies! 

If you are signing up for a class, make sure that you will be able to attend that time slot. We want to make sure everyone gets a taste of the experience, so if you have any doubt that you are unable to attend the class, please make sure that you leave it for someone else. With that being said, sign up for as many classes as you feel like you can handle on a blistering sunny Colorado day. We cannot wait to see you there! 


Restoring worth to refugees from Burma through the heart of our community. 

Project Worthmore (PWM) is a nonprofit organization that seeks to improve the quality of life of Denver-area refugees from Burma by providing cultural mentorship and community supports. Started by Frank and Carolyn Anello in early 2011, PWM began as a makeshift response to the unmet needs of our refugee neighbors. Through prior experience as part of a small group working with a refugee family from Burma, the Anellos were familiar with the vast needs in this community. Be it teaching use of public transportation, registering children for school, going grocery shopping, and/or teaching English, there was always more that could be done but not always enough people to help do it. Abandoning the needs of this community was not an option, particularly when surrounded by such abundance and resources to help ameliorate these problems. Increasing awareness of the existence of our refugee neighbors and their needs was an initial priority. Fundraising, recruiting teams from churches and schools, gathering and distributing donations, setting up apartments for newly arrived refugee families and coordinating cultural mentorship teams all eventually became a part of this organization.

As PWM continues its work, it is the Anello’s hope that more and more people will become an active part of this movement that has bettered the lives of all those involved.